All-Purpose Salve - Travel Size
All-Purpose Salve - Travel Size

All-Purpose Salve - Travel Size

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Our All-Purpose Salve is a must have for any pet owner and now comes in a travel size!

This is a powerful formula specially formulated to speed healing of wounds and minor skin irritations. The power ingredient in this salve is calendula. Calendula has long been used for its healing properties. It is said that calendula increases the flow of blood to the wound site, thereby providing the oxygen and nutrients essential to tissue regeneration. Calendula also contains a high amount of flavonoids and can help reduce inflammation, speeding up the stages of healing. These flavonoids also fight off bacteria, viruses and other harmful foreign invaders, protecting against wound infection. We use this salve on cuts, bites, burns, skin irritations, dry cracked paw pads and more! All the ingredients are perfectly safe for pets, even if they decide to lick their wound.

Note: Because the whole calendula flowers are used in making this salve, you may see specks or particles of flowers at times. This is perfectly normal and safe.

Each container is .5oz

Directions: Clean wound if possible. Apply salve directly to wound. Reapply as necessary. 

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil infused with organic calendula flowers, organic beeswax.